About the Hackathon

CS-Hackathon is a 24-Hours contest in which you will be developing technology and software. We encourage you to use your technological and social passions to develop new and innovative ideas.

We at the Computer Science department believe that creative freedom can result in amazing ideas and technologies. Therefore, we set a theme for the competition to allow the participants develop products in this wide field of assistive technology.

Due to the limited amount of participants that we can accept considering the Covid-19 restriction, we will take into consideration your passions and motivation, ensuring that the hackathon will consist of diverse groups of skilled and creative students.

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CS-HackLogo2022 copy.jpg

The Rules

Join the ultimate opportunity to make an impact!

Here are some basic rules before we begin:

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Teams - 

3-5 team members, BCs, MSc and PhD students

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Participants - 

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120 students, Due to Covid-19 restrictions

Verification - 

All participats will be subject to a student ID check and registration approval mail

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Prior Knowledge - 

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None! We recommend participating in the available workshops

Ownership -

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Coding -

Teams have full ownership of everything they build at our hackathon

You may begin your project before the competition officially begins. Winning teams may be subject to a code-review