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About the Hackathon

This year, we will focus on developing technological solutions to improve emotional resilience. The hackathon will be held in collaboration with the Rehabilitation Department at the Ministry of Defense and mental healthcare associations. By the end of 2024, the Rehabilitation Department expects to accommodate approximately 20,000 new patients in their programs. Studies suggest that some 40% of these patients will struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD, communication impairments, psychotic conditions, and other adaptation difficulties. 

The hackathon will be held on Thursday and Friday, June 20–21, 2024. 140 computer science students from both the graduate and undergraduate programs will gather for a 24-hour programming marathon in collaboration with faculty members, researchers, engineers from the industry, and mental health professionals—psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers—to develop solutions with real applications. This exceptional event will take place on the Technion campus. You can learn more about the event from articles published by the Technion and on Ynet.


The Rules

Don't miss this important opportunity to make an impact!

Here are some basic rules before we begin:


Each team will comprise 3–5 BSc, MSc, and PhD Technion students.


140 students in total.


Participants must present their student ID and registration confirmation email.

Prior Knowledge 

None required! We recommend participating in the workshops offered.


Teams have full ownership of everything they develop during our hackathon.


You may begin working on your project before the competition officially begins. Winning teams may be subject to a code review.

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