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The Open Challenge – Enhancing Emotional Resilience


Your task is to develop a tool or platform that can help users cope with routine challenges encountered during difficult security situations and in times of stress and uncertainty.

Your solution can be customized for a specific target audience, such as reserve soldiers and their families, children who were evacuated from their homes, students struggling to resume their studies, and more.

Alternatively, you can choose a general theme such as preventing burnout, dealing with loss, minimizing fear, and more.


Other challenges:

  1. Virtual therapy: The overload on the social and psychology services has increased the need for automating the process of applying for therapy. A virtual interface or avatar that can perform a triage, prioritize requests, and respond appropriately to the user can ease the initial stage of seeking therapy, and possibly assist with more advanced stages as well.

  2. Who hasn't gone online and encountered content they would have preferred to avoid? A solution that blocks access to harmful content could be helpful for everyone. The solution can be a plugin for Chrome, Telegram, YouTube, or any other platform you feel comfortable working with.

  3. One of the biggest obstacles people encounter when seeking therapy is filling in questionnaires. A system that converts a closed questionnaire to a dynamic one (via a chatbox) and fills in information automatically can be very helpful for the diagnostic stage.


Challenges that will be relevant if data is provided (not available at this time):


  1. Identifying and analyzing SIGINT during a conversation.

  2. Personalization: There are many needs and ideas related to personalization. We would like to develop a module that receives large quantities of data (medical information, relevant indices, results of use of our application, etc.) and creates a customized therapy plan accordingly.


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